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Students must complete the following GTP components* in order to graduate:

1. Daily Physical Activity Charts (DPA) Grade 9 – 12

  • All students must submit a form by the end of every semester (see below for forms specific to year and semester)
  • 150 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity must be documented on a weekly basis. Do not collect hours & average. Forms must be signed by an authorized or supervising adult.
  • Students taking PE will use the link provided to submit their DPA online.

2. College, Career, Job Training Seminars

AT LEAST 2 of the following are required. You will be asked to show specific evidence of your attendance if it isn’t a school coordinated event.

  • Education & Career Fair at Tradex (school coordinated event. Required for all grade 11’s
  • Christian College Tour @ ACS (school coordinated event-req’d for all gr 11’s)
  • PSIBC – Post Secondary Institutions of BC
  • College / University / Trade School Visit Days
  • Canadian College Tour

3. Graduation Transitions: Core Assignment

  • Due March 2016
  • Grade 12 students are expected to prepare an essay which is the GTP Core Assignment. It must be word processed but can take any format which presents the required information: paragraphs, essay format, power point, chart…
  • This must be completed and turned in before Grad Cruise/Banquet tickets can be purchased.

4. Volunteer and/or Work Experience

  • DUE Oct. 31
  • Every grad in the province is required to complete at least 30 hours of Volunteer and/or Work Experience as a part of their Paid/Volunteer work experience must be charted on the forms provided by ACS and signed by an authorizing or supervising adult
  • Students in the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program will meet this requirement by completing their paperwork and supervisor evaluations for their specific apprenticeship

5. Supervisor Evaluation Form

  • DUE October 30, 2016
  • Students must have a Supervisor Evaluation form completed and attached to their completed paid Work Experience or Volunteer form.

*REQUIRED by the Ministry of Education to Graduate in the province of British Columbia
*ALL GTP work must be handed in to the Counselling Center before Spring Break of your grad year with the exception of the final Semester 2 DPA.