Students must complete the following GTP components* in order to graduate:

1. Daily Physical Activity Charts (DPA) Grade 9 – 12

  • All students must submit a form by the end of every semester (see below for forms specific to year and semester)
  • 150 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity must be documented on a weekly basis. Do not collect hours & average. Forms must be signed by an authorized or supervising adult.
  • Students taking PE will use the link provided to submit their DPA online.

Generic DPA form:

DPA Generic Form
(Print off, fill in, and drop off in the Counselling Office)

PE Students:

Online form only for PE students

DPA Forms: Previous Years

For previous years, please use the generic form and change the dates to the appropriate year, including your grade level at the time.
DPA Generic Form

2. College, Career, Job Training Seminars

AT LEAST 2 of the following are required. You will be asked to show specific evidence of your attendance if it isn’t a school coordinated event.

  • Education & Career Fair at Tradex (school coordinated event. Required for all grade 11’s
  • Christian College Tour @ ACS (school coordinated event-req’d for all gr 11’s)
  • PSIBC – Post Secondary Institutions of BC
  • College / University / Trade School Visit Days
  • Canadian College Tour

3. Graduation Transitions: Core Assignment

  • Due March 2018
  • Grade 12 students are expected to prepare an essay which is the GTP Core Assignment. It must be word processed but can take any format which presents the required information: paragraphs, essay format, power point, chart…
  • This must be completed and turned in before Grad Cruise/Banquet tickets can be purchased.

4. Volunteer and/or Work Experience

  • DUE Oct. 31
  • Every grad in the province is required to complete at least 30 hours of Volunteer and/or Work Experience as a part of their Paid/Volunteer work experience must be charted on the forms provided by ACS and signed by an authorizing or supervising adult
  • Students in the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program will meet this requirement by completing their paperwork and supervisor evaluations for their specific apprenticeship

5. Supervisor Evaluation Form

  • DUE October 31
  • Students must have a Supervisor Evaluation form completed and attached to their completed paid Work Experience or Volunteer form.

*REQUIRED by the Ministry of Education to Graduate in the province of British Columbia
*ALL GTP work must be handed in to the Counselling Center before Spring Break of your grad year with the exception of the final Semester 2 DPA.