You all know kids love to have fun and play outdoors. This outdoor learning environment at the elementary will allow students of all ages to foster opportunities for children to play and learn. 

We’d like to use the D3D to create new spaces and structures where children can explore, be curious, develop friendships, use their imagination, and be active while engaging in developmentally appropriate learning and play.

A new play/climbing structure with natural elements such as the logs and beams and playhouses blending in as a foreground to an outdoor classroom with electricity, moveable seating, and a chalkboard wall.  The pavement will also have new games such as hopscotch and 4 square with sensory spaces surrounding the area.

Elementary students will be involved in a PBL-like process to make decisions on new playground structures or equipment.

Please help give our students exciting new playground structures, along with outdoor classroom space.

Future location of outdoor classroom structure

Dream ideas for the outdoor classroom and playground upgrades