We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 7, and are busy getting ready to welcome students on campus and into our classrooms! We ask for your grace and patience as we establish a school community that is safe and that supports our students in their learning.


  • The first day is a full day with regular school hours (8:30 am – 2:50 pm).
  • When students arrive on Tuesday, September 7, teachers, the principal, the vice principal, and educational assistants will be walking around outside, greeting students and families, and directing them to their entrance doors.
  • Exterior doors will be clearly labeled to help students find their entrance.
  • Classroom doors will open at 8:20 am and students can come inside to hang up their backpacks and wash their hands. At 8:30 am school begins. After the first day, when students arrive after 8:30 am they will need to check in at the office before going to class.
  • Parents, you are welcome to walk your child to their classroom entrance, however as these areas are congested, please wear a face covering and respect the personal space of other parents and children.
    • We encourage you to say good-bye to your child(ren) outside classroom doors, in the parking lot, or in the drop-off zone. Teachers and other staff members will help your child get settled in.
    • While it is our preference that parents remain outside, we realize there may be some children who need their parents to come into the school to settle in.
    • If you need to enter the school, it must be through the front doors by the office. Signing in at the office, completing a daily health check, masks, and hand hygiene will be required before coming into the building.
    • Please do not plan on coming into the school through exterior classroom doors or side entrances.
  • At the end of the day, please be patient as you wait for your child(ren) to come to you. It will be a really busy time and again we ask you to wear a mask and respect the personal space of other parents and children.
  • With parking at a premium and the roads busy, please be courteous to our community members and try to be out of our school parking lot as soon as you have your child(ren) so there is space for another car to pull in.

CLASS LISTS 2021-2022

At the end of the school year, teachers of each grade level meet to make a careful, initial division of classes. The teachers look for combinations of students who work well together, considering the best academic, social, and emotional needs of each child. The first drafts of the class lists are then shared with the learning support services team and the principal. This second level of discussion often produces some changes. The lists were then emailed home in early July. When the teachers return in late August, the lists are carefully reviewed once again. When everyone is satisfied that the wisest possible decisions have been made, the lists are finalized, emailed out to families a second time. In cases when students or parents are disappointed, it will help to know how carefully these decisions have been made. The teachers and principals appreciate the support that parents show us in this area. 



Yes, it’s true. There are changes to the drop-off and pick-up routine at the elementary campus. Are they good changes? Will they make all traffic woes disappear? Most likely not, but since student safety is paramount, here’s the down-low:

  1. Due to construction on Christina Place, we are asking that all ACES parents avoid using Christina place for drop-off or pick-up.
  2. Keep your eyes open for Safetysaurus Sam, who will help us learn about safety with our crosswalks, sidewalks, and drop-off/pick-up zones.
  3. NEW! A yellow NO STOPPING area is now at the entrance to the elementary campus. This allows the buses to make the turn without having to wait on Old Clayburn, which will make traffic flow more smoothly. Please respect this zone, whether you approach the school from the north or the south.

Other than those changes, we simply expect courteous and law-abiding behaviour from all drivers. Remember when you park off campus, you still represent our school with your driving/parking decisions. Thank you!


REMINDER: Several of our community members in the preschool, elementary, and middle school programs have a serious nut allergy so for everyone’s safety, ALL nut products must be kept at home. Please remember this as you plan your lunches and school snacks.


Welcome New Staff: Everly Brown, Denielle Boudreau, Corinna Fair, Amanda Martens.


As you may or may not be aware, as a school we offer our regular school busses to be used as a “shuttle bus” between our campuses. This service is free, however your child MUST be signed up to use this service. Each family will need to sign up each child, as your child will be assigned a seat on a specific bus to use throughout the year. Please follow this link to sign up.


Download a copy of the elementary school supply list.


Meet, Greet, and Enjoy A Treat: On Thursday, September 16 join us outside on the back field for our “Meet, Greet and Enjoy A Treat” welcome event and get a chance to connect with your classroom teachers and elementary staff.  6:00-7:30 pm. Weather permitting.

Individual Photo Day: Tuesday, September 21 for all students except KA and any student who missed school on Tuesday. Those photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 22.

Elementary School Principal