Connected Learning at ACS is our continuous learning plan in light of cancelling in-class instruction as mandated by the Ministry of Education. We will continue to attain our mission and vision through this new way of doing things and hold tight to who we are and what we boldly claim to aspire to. We will stay true to the following:

  • We will continue to integrate our Christian worldview to develop each child as whole person, nurturing their unique potential from the inside out
  • We will continue to operate within an enriching community, based on the belief that it takes village to raise a child
  • And we will continue to inspire your children with the courage and conviction to shape the world in which they live as the next generation of Christian leaders.
Download the “Partial Restart of In-Class Learning at ACS” Document

Digital Platform Support Ticket

If you are having difficulty logging into one of our ACS platforms, please fill in this form and one of our staff will help you as soon as they are able. Please see the instructional videos and articles above and ensure you have followed the steps carefully before submitting a support ticket.

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If no, or unsure, please visit abbotsfordchristian.com/connected-learning and read or watch the appropriate instructions for the platform you require support for. Most support issues can be resolved by carefully going through the instructions.