We hope this update finds everyone healthy and well during this unsettling time. As most know, we have been sharing the progress of our building project via a monthly update. You may have noticed that we took a couple months off as we put most of our efforts towards setting up Connected Learning at ACS. Now that this is fully implemented, we are ready to return to our monthly updates.

TSI construction has not backed off on its work, and if anything, construction timelines have been advanced swiftly with the reality of students no longer being in the building on a regular basis.

When in-class instruction was suspended due to COVID-19, the ACS Board authorized construction to continue, allowing our construction crew to take over full reign of the secondary and middle school campuses for the rest of the school year. Although there is the possibility of the Ministry of Education asking schools to consider re-opening in-class instruction, we will not be hosting in-class instruction at our middle or secondary campuses at all this spring.


Over the course of the past few months, the project has really begun to take shape:

At the middle school we have:

  • Completed the demolition of the admin offices and relocated their offices and staff room to alternate spots in the middle school. As a result of this demolition, the new entry for the middle school is now at the southeast corner of the building.
  • Erected the walls of the two-storey middle school classroom behind the secondary gym.

At the secondary we have:

  • Finished the flooring, painting, and cabinetry of the international student classroom and have come close in the new computer lab.
  • Started to re-commission the international student downstairs offices.
  • Gutted the POL studio.
  • Cordoned off two staircases—one on the northwest side tying into the new middle school wing, and one on the west side tying into the new secondary wing.
  • Finished pouring the walls of the new classroom addition and prepping to tilt these up shortly.

And for the front learning commons and new main entrance we have:

  • Demolished the front lobby of the secondary campus. The only entrance to the secondary or middle campus is through the middle school’s southeast entrance.


  • In the next month, we should see the beginnings of foundation work for the front learning commons and entry way.
  • Interior steel structure for the middle school addition should be completed with floor and roof structure put in place.
  • The secondary classroom addition should also be standing with steel work started by the end of May.
  • Various other areas of renovation and prep work will continue inside the existing buildings.

Thanks again for your prayers and support, especially during this time. We continue to celebrate this project as a community project, and have appreciated the many levels of support we continue to receive through This Square Inch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Julius Siebenga, Executive Director
Steve Atsma, TSI Project Coordinator 

Thanks to our trade partners who have already contributed to the project: